[Video] Crawling: and he's off!

It's official: Nolan is crawling.

Like, full-blown left hand, right knee, right hand, left knee crawling. He's been trying for two days and finally did it on Saturday.

The kind of crawling that enables him to cross the living room to get a toy he's been eying quicker than you can sneeze!

The kind of crawling that requires no pants nor socks, just bare knees that need lotion and massaging after working so hard all day to get Nolan where he wants to go.

The kind of crawling that [finally] produced an understanding and love of Babylegs. And the purchase of said Babylegs yesterday.

It's amazing to watch your baby become mobile. To see that determination in their eyes when they lock onto an object and make their body move towards it. And then the triumph that follows when they've made it.



  1. That's so exciting! And now you'll have to keep an even closer eye on him :D. It's so fun when they start moving around!

  2. That totally made me tear up! We're right behind you. Riley is trying so hard these days. Good job, Nolan!


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