Nolan: eleven months old

My baby is starting to look less like a baby... and what a big boy he's growing up to be!

Nolan is barely in the 5-10th percentile for weight at 17lbs 13oz and for head circumference at 43cm. He's hovering at the 25th% for height at just under 29". He's still wearing his size 9 month clothing and a size 3 Pampers Swaddlers diaper. He's finally beginning to fit into his See Kai Run shoes I bought a few months ago but is really only interested in seeing how fast he can pull them off. I can still wear him comfortably in my Bjorn and Ergo and he's still riding in his infant car seat, though he seems to really love sitting upright in his strollers. He's still sleeping through the night 11-13 hours in his mini crib in our bedroom, almost always on his tummy with his knees drawn up under him.

I am breastfeeding Nolan only three times per day now and he's eating three meals plus a snack each day. I eliminated the final nursing of the day, where he was nursing until nearly falling asleep by offering snacks after he wakes up from his afternoon nap then, nursing about an hour later and having dinner about an hour after that. Breastfeeding is still going wonderfully, I feel so blessed to have never had any issues with my supply nor his latch and interest. He nurses about 12-15 minutes at each session. Since we've never had any real, lasting success with bottles, I don't even bother pumping and saving breast milk anymore. Nolan has become much more interest in table food in the last month! He really enjoys steamed peas, roasted zucchini & yellow squash, pears, strawberries, thinly sliced ham, and grilled cheese sandwiches. He wants to taste everything I am eating; last week he ate a few bites of my pesto quinoa and my whole wheat couscous with lemon vinaigrette. He liked them both! He's mainly only purees at this point and has finally started enjoying some of the things he had previously boycotted. His favorites right now are the Sprout Organic sweet potatoes with white beans, oatmeal with roasted apples & cinnamon, roasted butternut squash, and roasted pears and the Plum Baby Organic raspberries with spinach & greek yogurt, peas and spinach with pears, broccoli with apples, sweet potatoes with mango and millet, plums with blackberries and barley, and the raising & apple quinoa. He's eating 9-12oz of purees at each meal or about 1/2 cup of table food plus about 3-5oz of purees. For snacks, Nolan really enjoys puffs, yogurt melts, Mum-Mum rice husks, and Ella's Kitchen organic cookies.

Last week we introduced a TommyTippee straw sippy cup and he has really loved it, drinking water throughout the day. We are so excited to finally have found a cup that he responds to and hope the transition to whole cow's milk will go smoother because of it.

Nolan continues to whine, pucker up his lips and even shiver while clamping his mouth shut and slap food away when he's full and when he doesn't like something you are offering him. He has a very quiet whine when he's really hungry and I'm not getting to him fast enough and he will crawl over to me and try to eat my leg!

What a fun, stress-free, easy age! This is my favorite part of having a baby, we are all really enjoying this time in Nolan's life. He remains very predictable and consistent with his daily routine and it is very similar to last month, except he's up earlier each day and because I eliminated the final nursing of the day, our bed time routine changed slightly.

A typical day for Nolan:
6:15am - Wake up. David gets him up, changed, and brings him downstairs
6:30am - I nurse Nolan
7:30am - David gives Nolan a 10-12oz breakfast of oatmeal with roasted apples & cinnamon and a few yogurt melts of puffs
8:00am - While I drive Emily to school, David plays with Nolan and then, changes his diaper and puts him down for his nap.
8:30-9:30am - Nap (some times nap can be 1.5-2.0 hours)
11:00am - Once I am home from the gym, I nurse Nolan then, we head out for errands, play dates, activities or to Edison to volunteer in Emily's classroom
11:30pm - Lunch: 8-10oz vegetable/fruit/yogurt puree and/or some table food
12:30-2:00pm - Nap (some times nap can be 2.0 hours)
2:00-3:30pm - For the next six weeks, Emily has Kindergarten swim so, I get Nolan up from his nap and we drive over to the pool where he sits in his stroller and has a snack.
4:00pm - I nurse Nolan once we are home and then, it's play time with Emily until dinner
5:00pm - Dinner: 8-10oz protein/vegetables/fruit
5:30pm - Bath, PJs, lotion massage and read books in rocking chair while listening to lullabies
6:00pm - Bedtime

Nolan spends most of his play time in our baby-proofed living room, crawling around and crusing along the furniture to get to his toys. He has figured out and is quite amused by his toys that make noises and sing when he pushes their buttons. I love watching him stand up at his toy box, hold on with one hand and pull out all the toys with the other to get the one he really wants. Often times he lets go while standing up and is solid for a few seconds. He loves the play phones, play remote control, ball, and rings most as they are easy to chew on. He also really loves to play his little piano, laughing while banging on the keys! Nolan really loves to point at, flick, and suck on the tags of his blankets, clothes, and toys and will be totally engrossed in them for half an hour or more at a time. Nolan loves to bounce, too! David will sit him on Emily's bouncing ball and he will hold on to the handle and let David bounce him pretty high, laughing the entire time.


When I can get us to the park, Nolan loves to swing though he's still a little small to sit upright in the baby swings. I just keep a blanket or towel to stuff between him and the edge of the swing to make it less roomy.

His exersaucer and jumperoo are still getting daily use though only for a few minutes at a time as he'd much rather be free to crawl around and explore on his own. I had David get our pack 'n play down from the attic and set it up in our garage so he could have a little mobility to play while I'm outside letting Emily ride her scooter in our driveway and he seems to really like it.

Nolan's newest big boy activity is the buggy. We saved Emily's buggy and now Nolan gets to ride around in while Emily's pushes him. He holds the steering wheel and stomps his feet, it's really cute to see his smile as Emily makes the buggy swerve all over the sidewalk. I hope to get Nolan in the pool during Kindergarten swim if the weather would ever warm up enough, I'll have to update y'all on how he feels about that later.


And how could I forget bath time? It might as well be a fun activity as Nolan enjoys it so much! He squishes his toys trying to make the water come out, like Emily has shown him, pats the cups since he now knows that is how to make neat noises, and slaps at the water, splashing himself in the face, giggling along with Emily. He crawls around to get to toys and pulls up to standing on the side of the tub. He does still allow me to lay him flat on his back on the bottom of the tub to wash his hair but that's about the only time he is still.

Nolan has four teeth now; the center two on top in addition to the center two on bottom. And the teeth on either side of the top two are just under the surface of the skin, ready to break through any day. His little smile has changed so much with the descent of his top two teeth, that is what really makes him look like a big boy!

Nolan's hair is getting so long and quite thick! And because of his extreme cow lick at the base of his crown, his hair sticks straight out on either side of his head, just above his ears. I think it's very cute!

I have found a few more really ticklish spots on little man this month, most notably under his arms! His body goes rigid with laughter any time I blow raspberries in his arm pits. He's also giggly when I gently pinch the little fat rolls on his thighs and blow raspberries on his neck.

Some other new things Nolan is doing including mimicking sounds you make at him and babbling! He blows air, puffing out his lips and spits and is trying to roll his tongue. He says "da-da-da-da", "bah", "puh", "mmmmmm", ahh", "uhh", "keh" all day long. It's especially cute when he appears to be talking to his reflection in a mirror and a toy he's intrigued with. He makes all kinds of squeaks and squeals, grunts, growls, and clicks with his tongue.

Nolan is a pointer, just like Emily was. He always has both pointer fingers out, reaching for toys and food, flicking tags, touching things and himself. He doesn't clap or wave just yet, just pointing. And he's an ankle-crosser. Constantly. In his stroller, in his car seat, in his highchair, and while sitting on the floor playing. When he's not standing or up on his knees, he sits with his ankles crossed. I love this little idiosyncrasy that both my children have!

David and I continue to be in awe at the relationship that continues to develop between Nolan and Emily. She loves to help him, boss him around, get toys and snacks for him, tell on him, help him sit up when he's fallen, snuggle him when he will sit still long enough for her to do so, and pick him up to carry him over to one of us. She's very gentle with him and patient when showing him how to operate his toys and has even started reading to him. When he hears her voice, he cranes his neck to see her and she still manages to coax the biggest smiles and the loudest giggles from him.

Nolan continues to be a very cool, calm, long-looking, observant personality. He's very quiet, easy to please, plays very well independently, and doesn't fuss about being in the car seat or stroller no matter how long. He's very sweet and snuggly around family and has even happily responded to friends holding him. He seems to be very sensitive, crying when others cry, and crying himself if Emily yells in excitement near him. Nolan is very gentle, too. He doesn't squirm or thrash when being changed, never claws or scratches to get away or get down, and we've never seen him get frustrated with a toy. He can be a little stingy with the smiles if he doesn't know you, I've even gotten a few comments about how "serious" he is and it's apparent in his portraits we have made each month. However, for family and close friends, he's quite the charmer!

David and his little mini-me. Could they look any more alike?  :)


  1. I adore your blog! It's like going back and reading about the last month of my life, lol! If we lived closer we could have great playdates! Can't wait to hear about Nolan's first birthday, can you believe how fast a year goes?!

  2. He really is a little 'mini me'! Funny when that happens! Great update! Your kids are adorable!!


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