Nolan's first swim!

A hydrogen leak in Emeryville evacuated the entire city and had all Pixar employees stay home for the day on Friday so, I took David to Kindergarten swim with us from 2:00-3:00pm today.

It was the first time he got to see Emily with all her school friends, splashing around and she was so happy to have her dad there!

It was also the first time I've had his help so, we decided to make today Nolan's first swim. Normally, I stay out of the water and just watch. I am feeding Nolan snacks as he watches the kids from his stroller, since he wakes up hungry from his afternoon nap around 2:00pm and we rush to Franklin pool! I can't begin to describe the required logistics of having yourself and two children with different swimming abilities in the pool and then, getting everyone out of the pool, dry, and dressed so, I won't bother. I'll just say that it's complicated and the only reason it happened was because I had help.

Nolan loved the water! As did I because it was pretty warm here.

He enjoys bath time so, it makes sense that he would splash around with a big smile on his face.

Thankfully, a friend with boys suggested swim trunks with a long-sleeve rash guard so I didn't have to slather Nolan in sunscreen yet he was protected from the sun! I also covered his white blond hair with his 3-6 month size bucket hat (he just now fits into it), which helped keep the sun out of his face.
We had so much fun! Nolan was watching all the kids splashing around and really got animated when Emily came swimming past on her kick board. He was reaching for her & smiling at her. He was also looking for David any time he heard his voice call his name.

I was a wee bit concerned that Nolan would try to dive out of my arms to try and crawl around the pool, like he does in the bath at home, but he actually kept a pretty firm grip on me the entire time. Too bad pool floats aren't allowed because that really would have freed up my arms to play with both kids at the same time!

I can't wait to take him swimming over the summer!


  1. Looks like quite a fabulous swim for Nolan and how sporty do you look!


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