Emily: six years old

Your 5th year has, by far, been the biggest year of growth, accomplishment, and success. If I didn't know better, I would think you were ten, not six.

In the last year you have:

Completed Kindergarten

Lost six teeth

Tasted so many new foods including: hot dogs, salsa, corn dogs, spinach ravioli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bacon, pepperoni, goat cheese, Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches, milk, guacamole, and even organic lettuces in a salad.

Learned to jump rope

Attended (and loved!) your first all day summer camp which was Zoo Camp at The Oakland Zoo

Learned to whistle (and you can whistle along to any song on the radio after hearing only a few notes and in mimic to what someone whistles to you)

Learned to blow a bubble with your gum

Learned how to do jumping jacks

Learned how to do a cartwheel

Moved from a convertible car seat to a 5-point harnessed booster car seat 

Learned how to put away an entire load of laundry (hanging up the clothes, folding drawer items, even matching and bundling socks!)

Learned how to ride a Razr Scooter

Learned how to ride your bike without training wheels

Learned how to take a shower by yourself, including washing your own hair

Grown four inches taller and nearly two shoe sizes bigger

You are incredibly kind, inclusive, generous, gentle, well-mannered, curious, witty, sensitive, joyous, empathetic, positive, forgiving, and charming.

You are a fast runner, outrunning even the fastest boy in your class.

You love to tell jokes and your laugh is infectious.

We call you our little elephant because you have an incredible memory after seeing things just once or hearing them a few times. In fact, we recently noticed you can give specific details about where a power-up or a Penguin suit is in any level within any of the 9 worlds of Super Mario Brothers for the Wii. It's really incredible to listen to you recall the smallest details!

You have a real passion for learning and can't seem to soak up knowledge fast enough. You are most excited to learn Spanish and to attend gymnastics classes this year.

You love to read the June B. chapter books and play Mario Brothers on the Wii. You like to spend hours in your room, alone with your toys, being creative and re-enacting your favorite shows and movies. Going to your favorite interactive museums, the zoo, or Six Flags and Disneyland are as good to you as Christmas morning but so is a family walk down to a local park.

You love and look out for your baby brother, showing him how to use his toys and offering him a taste of your meal. You always help me, even when I don't ask you to. You have taken to calling him "Diapery Nolan" and you need to still feel special so, spending time doing things that he can't do makes you happiest these days. Normal, I suppose.

You are a budding chef, always excited to get in the kitchen to cook and bake with me. You've became quite good at cracking eggs for our Saturday morning french toast breakfasts, measuring and pouring ingredients, and wielding a whisk. Licking the beaters after making brownies is your favorite part of baking!

Your favorite color is purple; you want to wear purple, write with purple crayons, decorate your room in all purple, and eat purple-dyed foods. A purple balloon, that wasn't even the party favor, was your favorite part of the last birthday party you attended and you insisted I buy only a purple raincoat this year.

Your favorite movies right now are The Lorax, Care Bears: The Big Wish, Wall-E, and all four of The Ice Age movies.

Your favorite books are the Junie B. Jones series, Ninjago, Pokemon, and Bad Kitty.

Your favorite foods are Virginia ham, ALL cheeses, fried fish, corn dogs, pizza, smoothies, bean and cheese nachos, cheeseburgers, mango, broccoli, french toast, spinach & cheese ravioli, snap peas, and raspberries.

Your favorite dessert is my home-made lava cake.

You love getting mail more than you love the color purple and you are the most excited about our up coming trip to Texas to celebrate Christmas with your Aunt Jenny and your Gram. 

You love to dress up as your favorite animals, mostly a dragon, are the first to get out to the garden to pull weeds and harvest our vegetables, and insist we keep every box shipped to us for you to play in. When you have free time on weekends you love to go swimming, play with Play-doh, paint, run through the sprinklers, play Monopoly, and play Toy Story 3 on the XBOX.

Happy 6th birthday my #1 girl, we hope this is your best year yet!


  1. She is so adorable! And wow, she's changed so much in the last year! I can't believe all the things she can do. Fold and put away laundry? Take a shower by herself? Impressive! I loved reading about all her interests. I'm sure Celia will be similar in a few more years :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I think it's all the healthy peer-pressure from her Kindergarten friends, who can do several of those things. :) Plus the Motor Fitness classes and now, P.E. that has helped her master things like jump rope, that we hadn't even tried at home. :)

  3. What a beautiful tribute to her year of growth and accomplishments! She will absolutely love to read these for many years to come :) Such a loving mamma and such a lovable, sweet and amazing daughter you are blessed with. <3


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