2012: A 6yr old and an 18mo old

My first grader's social life keeps the toddler and I running. Non-stop! If we aren't at school volunteering for lunch duty, for homework duty, at the book fair, or for classroom parties, we are at soccer, t-ball, gymnastics, a Girl Scouts meeting, or at home doing homework.

It's Emily's world and we're just living in it, loving every minute!

6:45am - Our alarm goes off. David wakes up Emily and together we get breakfast going until Nolan is up. He wakes up anywhere from 6:45am - 7:45am, depending on how well he napped the day before. Emily is in her room putting on the clothes she picked out the night before (necessary!). While breakfast is being eaten, I pack Emily's lunch bag with her lunch and snacks (made the night before, also necessary!) and any items she needs for the day (Library book, homework folder, etc.) and then I shower and get ready for the day while the kids play and David cleans up the kitchen and makes his lunch.

8:10am - I walk Emily to school, mainly because I do most of the volunteering this year. Some times we all walk together and, after we drop Emily off, we continue to walk to get in a bit of fresh air and exercise.

8:20am - 2:50pm On days when I'm not volunteering in the classroom and come back home after drop off, Nolan and I are on our own while David heads off to work. We are having fun playing with Emily's toys while she's gone, cleaning the house, or running one of a thousand errands. We play with friends his age at our house or theirs, we practice climbing and sliding in the backyard, we build block towers and sand castles, and we jump on the furniture. We just started going to Wee Play for a few hours on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays and may enroll in My Play Play (a Pre- Preschool program that meets once per week) after the Christmas holiday. Nolan is solidly on one nap a day that takes place from 12pm-3pm every afternoon. I clean the entire house a little at a time each day with Nolan at my feet "helping" me. Our days are relaxed, easy, and fun.

3:00pm - 5:30pm The most fun time of the day because Emily's home and she is Nolan's favorite person! This golden time, right after school, is all about burning off steam. Mondays we usually have a bunch of friends over for a play date, Tuesdays she has Mad Science (we don't pick her up until 4pm), Wednesdays we meet with friends at the park or their house, Thursdays she has gymnastics (we go from school straight there and don't pick her up until 5pm), and Fridays are another free day to have play dates or just play at home.

5:30 - 6:30pm Dinner time for both kids and because Emily eats faster than Nolan, it's then homework time for her at the table with me. It's hard being in two places at once so, we combine as many activities as possible. I help her with the things she can't do on her own first and then, while I bathe Nolan and put him to bed, she works on her own. She's also responsible for changing into her PJs (if she's not in the tub), putting her clothes in the hamper, cleaning out her backpack, cleaning up her room, and brushing her teeth after she's done eating during this time.

6:30 - 7:30pm Bath time and then bed time for Nolan.

7:30-8:30pm This is my hour with Emily that is so special. Just she and I. I read to her. She reads to me. We talk about school and all the fun things coming up that week and we just play whatever she wants to. Mostly match game, Scrabble soup, math problems (yes, this is fun for her!), and I spy. 


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