Is it a train, a truck, a plane...?!? #tuesdaytoddlertales #motherhood #kids

Nolan's finally starting to verbalize more, more often, and more clearly.

He points to things and calls them by their names like "dadda", "momma", "kitty", "hat", "bubble", "ball", and "shoe". He may know what other objects are but he doesn't call them by their names - he doesn't say anything about much else, really.

Except trucks, trains, planes, tractors, buses, and all construction equipment. He calls all these things "cat". Or something that sounds like "cat".

He LOVE LOVE LOVES them all and points them out daily! He calls out "cat", excitedly each time we see one and even tries to run after them if he can. He repeats "cat", "cat", "cat" until you acknowledge that you see it, too.

We continue to correct him with their actual names so he'll eventually learn them but for now, we know to look for a truck, a train, a plane, a tractor, a bus or a dump truck anytime we hear "cat" coming from him.  


  1. You guys really doing a good job on correcting him just he will know the real name of that thing.

    doosan colombia


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