Most people go on #vacation for #springbreak - we built an outdoor chalkboard! #motherhood #kids

Have you seen all the cute DIY on Pinterest regarding making your own chalkboard?

There's even colored paints now! Wow.

I have been dying to make an outdoor chalkboard for the kids for months now and decided to make it happen over Spring Break. Gram was in town and David was off work and so, we set off to our local hardware store for materials to bring our ideas to fruition.

After reading through all the DIY tutorials about making it yourself, I was really frustrated and uninterested, to be honest so, we went with simple. And pre-made!

We purchased chalkboards (2 at $9 each) that were 2' x 4' and mounted them side by side on 1"x2"x8' (2 at $1.85 each) studs so that we ended up with a 2' tall 8' long chalkboard. With the wood screws, an eraser and a box of white "Teacher chalk" as Emily calls it, the entire project was just under $25.

We mounted the 1"x2" studs to the fence posts (we leveled them, measured for screw position and David pre-drilled some pilot holes first) then, attached the chalkboards to the studs (we measured for screw position and David pre-drilled pilot holes in the chalkboards as well). 

It turned out great, no?

It's exactly 4' off the ground, perfect height for first graders.

We didn't do any weather-proofing but are confident it will last for years to come as we recently just trashed her Ikea easel that had a chalkboard on one side. It was 6 years old and sat outside every day of those 6 years.


  1. What a fabulous idea! I think you may have given me some inspiration! :)


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