Nolan and his trucks: watching the wheels turn #tuesdaytoddlertales #motherhood #kids

This is my baby. He's almost two.

And he loves to watch the wheels turn on his trucks!

Every single day.

He rolls his trucks, cars, and trains along the window sills, the table top, his train table, and the ottoman in the living room. He rolls them on walls, on cabinet fronts, on top of stray books, and on you if you are lying still!

He will squat down next to his push bike, his shopping cart, his rocking big wheels, his wagon, and his push mower to watch the wheels turn as he pushes each one outside.

And lately, we've found him like this. Laying down, face close to the wheels, watching them turn when he rolls them along the carpet.

He's fascinated! And we are, too!


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