Tuesday Toddler Tales - Nolan and the starfish #tuesdaytoddlertales #motherhood #toddler #kids

We purchased a Family membership to The Aquarium of the Bay again this year and took Nolan for the first time a few weeks ago.

He was absolutely mesmerized by all the brightly colored fish, jellies, and sharks! He sat very still in his stroller, staring quietly as we walked past each exhibit. Once we rode the elevator down stairs to go through the tunnels, we let him out to walk around. He could see best with David holding him and actually reached over to try and touch the fish, though only managed to tap the glass.

His favorite place in the aquarium was the third floor. It had all the lights on, for one thing, and was more wide open so he could explore all the exhibits. His favorite exhibit was the tide pool.

He got really excited when the rush of water would come down like a waterfall. Must have been the sound and all the white froth. He enjoyed climbing up and jumping off the little step stool and finally got curious about what was IN the tide pool. With David's help, he leaned over and put his hand in the water and touched an anemone. He touched it a few times and seemed to really like it.

Emily loved it, of course! This aquarium is her favorite family outing because she loves to touch the sting rays and bat rays.


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