Nolan's 2nd birthday party - a #party at home with Gram!

Just as we've always done with Emily (until she turned four), we had Nolan's birthday party here at home again this year.

Because he's currently obsessed with Thomas the Train, it was a Thomas-themed celebration!

Our Gram flew out to celebrate with us, which made it extra special.

While Nolan was napping, we wrapped all the gifts, set up his train set as table decor, and draped the dining room in the super cute, super cheap Thomas decorations I got on clearance from The Party Warehouse.

Check out the super cute cake Safeway made for him. I almost always order cakes from Safeway, when I don't make them myself.

When he woke from his nap, Gram brought him downstairs and he made a beeline for the dining room table. He loved the huge Thomas balloon and tried dragging it around with him!

Once he saw the cake, he lunged for it saying "cake"!  We could hardly keep his little fingers off of it.

We decided it would be best to sit him down with a piece first, before opening presents.

He loved it. He dug in with his fork and his hands and then, he drove his trains through it. Ha! He had a blast playing in his cake. What else is a birthday party for?!?

Then, it was time to open presents.

He did well with pulling tissue paper out of bags to unveil his gifts. We all helped him unwrap everything else and Emily helped him play with everything. I think she liked the gifts more than him!

He got several electronic games that help him learn his ABCs, shapes, and colors, a set of John Deere tractors, an Aquadoodle mat, and a few puzzles.

Happy 2nd birthday, Nolan!!!


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