Are all #toddlers obsessed with Thomas the Train? #tuesdaytoddlertales

Are all toddlers obsessed with Thomas the Train?

Maybe all kids, in general?

Emily absolutely loved Thomas the Train at this age. So much so that her entire third birthday party was Thomas-themed and Thomas Trackmaster trains and tracks appeared on her birthday and Christmas wishlists for two years. Nolan plays with all her Thomas stuff these days!

Nolan recently discovered Thomas on the television. I blame the removal of the baby gates. It was time to take down the one that confined him to the kitchen and playroom area once he started body-slamming against the gate in protest when his sister was in the formal living room watching television. {sigh}

Anyhow, on one afternoon when Emily was spending her tickets earned that day to watch television, Nolan wandered into the living room and Thomas happened to be on. He watched completely mesmerized for the half hour.

And I found him running into the living room randomly every day after! He would find the remote control, bring it to me, and then, run back to the living room and climb up on the couch with eager anticipation of me turning on the television and Thomas peeping onto the screen.

My sister's {hopefully one day} Mother-in-law sent Nolan the t-shirt he's wearing in this photo and he's finally big enough to wear it. It has a sound box sewn into it that peeps like Thomas and he loves it. He would wear it every day if it would stay clean.

Nolan loves Thomas the train and that's okay by me. There are worse things!


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