Nolan: Two years old


We love how generously you love us with your hugs and kisses; we love how you make us laugh when you dive from the ottoman to the couch; and we love seeing the world through your innocent eyes.

You are the sweetest, kindest, gentlest little man!

You never refuse to do anything we ask of you, you always share your toys with strangers in our home or at the park, and you always greet your family with a great big smile.

You are talking so much more these days, you particularly like to mimic your big sister. Recently, you starting saying "I okay" any time you fall or bonk yourself and when you have a scrape or a cut you come to me and want me to kiss it.

You sleep well, eat well, are incredibly patient when I run your around in the car or stroller to grocery shop or pick up Emily at school, and are eager to go bye-bye regardless of where we end up.

You recognize your Gram and your Aunt Jenny over Facetime and love to watch videos of our family activities.

You are great at using a spoon and wiping your face & hands when you are done with your meals but you do still throw all the food you aren't going to eat on the floor.

You discovered television this last month when we removed the baby gates and demand to watch Thomas the Train every single day. You will bring me the remote and then, climb up on the couch to watch your favorite show.

You love to wrestle and be tickled and be flipped upside down. You are a great climber, forward roller, and trampoline jumper. Once you can figure it out, you are going to be a great jump-roper, too!

You are sensitive and empathetic, still crying any time anyone else cries, and you are quite shy and easily intimidated by strangers.

You love music and to dance around the kitchen while we make breakfast. You also love airplanes, tractors, trash trucks and dump trucks, loud cars and motorcycles, and the helicopters piloted by the nearby Coast Guard.

Your birth completed our family and we are all better because of the way you make us all want to be the best we are capable of being.

All my love,


  1. He is such a big boy! LOVE YOU NOLAN, love Aunt Jenny :D


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