My, err... Emily's first week of school

What a week!

Wow, I'm exhausted.

No, I feel completely drained physically, emotionally, and mentally. Yes, that is a more accurate description.

Emily has absolutely loved 2nd grade. They aren't doing much school work and homework doesn't start until Back2School night, which is September 12th, but they are working hard to get to know their teacher, Mrs. C, their classmates (more than half of which we've already been in either Kindergarten or 1st grade), and their 2nd grade procedures and expectations. She's beyond thrilled to be in class with several girls from our Girl Scout troop and every day her answer to my question "what was the most fun part of the day" has been: recess! It appears to have been a great transition thus far for her.

For me, it's been a week where every day begins with a blaring 6:30am alarm clock and ends with me flopping down on the couch at 8:30pm.

In between those hours I rarely sit down as there's just so much to do!

I'm packing lunches and backpacks, making & serving breakfast, walking to and from school, volunteering at the school to write late slips or perform one of 100 duties as this year's PTA Treasurer, preparing a morning snack for Nolan, driving or walking Nolan to a morning activity, doing chores, making & serving lunch, and settling Nolan down for his nap. This all happens before 11:30am!

During those once relaxing 2+ nap time hours, it's unfortunately all work these days. I'm co-Chairing our school's Go Green committee as well and we are ramping up our volunteers efforts to present at Back2School night so, I'm working hard to prepare our presentation. I also have my own family's bills to pay, laundry to wash, meals to plan and shop for, a cat to care for, random chores, and I'm trying to get back into working out & showering during nap time.

This week was early release so, I had to wake Nolan up every day at 1:40pm so we can walk to school in time for 1:50pm pick-up. After 20 minutes of saying good-bye to friends, we walk home, have an afternoon snack and play together. At 4:00pm every day I have to get Emily in her swimsuit and coated in sunscreen before we drive over to our Health club where she is taking swim lessons. Once I drop her off with her instructor, I stroll Nolan over to their playground to play for half an hour. Then, it's back in his stroller so I can help Emily get changed into clothes so we can head home at 5:00pm.

Evenings are a blur. Once we get home, I prepare dinner while the kids play. I also pack Emily's lunch and morning snack for the next day, fill up water bottles, prepare the next day's breakfast if needed, and go through her backpack to fill out any paperwork that may have come home. While the kids eat at 6:00pm, I continue prepping or cooking dinner for David and I. They bathe together (thank, God!) at 6:30pm and once I help Emily get out and towel-dried off, she works on her bed time chore list on her own while I put Nolan to bed. Emily's chore list includes things like: put on PJs, pick out your clothes for tomorrow, choose a book to read, and put your clothes in your dirty hamper. Lately, David has been coming home during the bed time part of the routine, which is immensely helpful as I just can't be in two places at once.

Lights-out for Nolan is typically around 7:30pm, which works great because it gives me 1 hour of one-on-one time with Emily. I help her complete whatever might remain on her chore list, listen to her talk about her day if she has more to say, read one or two chapters from whatever book we are on (we just started reading the Ramona series), and then, tuck her in at 8:30pm. She gets 30 minutes of free choice before we turn her light off at 9:00pm. This

Once the kids are settled, and David and I have eaten dinner and cleaned up, we both practically fall into the couch. I'm so exhausted, I rarely stay up past 10:00pm!

Swim lessons are every day but only until September 20th and then, Emily's activities will be restricted to afterschool enrichment only 2-3 per week. This means I get to pick her up later, nearly 4:00pm and it's at the school so no driving anywhere. Yea!

I think once another week or two has gone by, this will be my regular routine and it won't be so exhausting. Why haven't I learned to NOT get so relaxed over summers yet?!?!?  :)


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