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For about two months now, Nolan has been saying "I ride bike" any time he sees ANYONE riding a bike, scooter, or being pushed around in those cute little Kettler trikes.

When in our garage, he's constantly trying to get on Emily's bikes as well.

So, when my friend Melanie offered her son's old Kettle balance bike, I excitedly accepted. I couldn't wait for Nolan to wake up from his nap and see it.

His eyes literally lit up.

He ran to it and said "I ride bike, I ride bike, my bike". I said "yes, yes, Nolan's bike". 

He knew exactly what to do.

He picked it up, threw one leg over and took off, walking it.

He walked his new bike up and down our side yard for an hour.

The next day, I saw he and David walking it all the way down our street and back while I was volunteering in the school's office.

He absolutely loves it!

It has a hand brake, a kickstand, and real rubber wheels. The seat is adjustable and will definitely grow with him.  Apparently, balance bikes help kids learn the mechanics of riding a bike at a very early age and can help them transition to a real bike as early as age 3. Can you imagine?!? We'll see how he does!


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