Nolan, 28mos sings the ABCs and knows his shapes #tuesdaytoddlertales #toddler

We sing a lot of nursery rhymes around here: at home, in the car, while playing at Wee Play.

It's really no surprise that Nolan knows all the little hand motions and dance moves that go along with songs like "The Hokey Pokey", "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", and "The Wheels on The Bus". He's become so expressive, smiling and shaking his booty along with the music, I'd love to catch his moves on video one day.

What we didn't know is that he knew the words to some of these songs, because he just doesn't talk much!

David and I caught him singing The ABCs a few days ago. His little voice is so precious, we just can't get enough.

Singing makes him so happy and really calms him down during a tantrum when he's frustrated.

Also, we noticed that he can accurately identify all the more basic shapes: square, circle, rectangle, star, heart, oval, diamond and most of the alphabet. We can ask him to find the "B" and he'll point to that letter on his laptop toy. When doing the shapes puzzles, you can ask him where the "circle" is and he will pick it up and hand it to you. Their little minds amaze me!


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