Radio Flyer 3-wheeled Scooter: BEST TOY EVER for a 2.5yr #toddler !!! #motherhood #kids

A few joyous photos on Facebook from my friend Andrea of her then two year old's love of his Radio Flyer 3-wheeled scooter sent me on the hunt for one back in March. Once acquired, I hid it away to be given to Nolan for Christmas.

This was the best toy ever for his age, 2.5 years old.

He wasn't intimidated at all, hopping on it and almost instinctively pushing himself with one foot while standing on it with the other. 

Taking a walk around the block on his scooter is a daily affair.

He does get tired at times and wants me to carry it while he walks next to me, examining all the rocks, flowers, and bugs along the way and that's okay because it weighs nothing.

The only teensy thing I wish is that the tires were real, rubber tires, instead of the plastic as I can see them deteriorating quickly if we continue at this pace. :) 

I don't work for Radio Flyer nor am I receiving any compensation from anyone for this post. I wanted to blog about this product because WE LOVE IT and wanted to FREELY share it with all our friends & family. Run, don't walk, to purchase one for your toddler!


  1. We have that scooter too. Henry isn't ready for it yet, but Celia has liked it. It is great that it has the three wheels. I'm so jealous of your nice weather! Nothing but cold, snow and ice here.

  2. We have one, which we got a few years ago, and I agree it is so much fun!


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