13 Things In My Fridge: PICS! Judge silently #thursdaythirteen #random #housetour

This week's Thursday Thirteen is inspired by Aggie's Kitchen and the post she did today called 10 Things In My Fridge

Here are 13 Things In My Fridge:
NOTE: I didn't clean, arrange, organize, not throw out anything before I took this photo - judge silently!

1. Eggs from Costco in {gasp!!!} styrofoam. Yeah, the styrofoam literally makes me cringe every time I place them in my double-wide shopping cart but, they are the best price around.

2. Dairy products - milk, Danimals smoothies, Tillamook cheese, three different shredded cheeses, Draft singles, butter, heavy cream, and cream cheese. We consume dairy in small amounts throughout the week but I buy in bulk as most of it has lengthy expiration dates.

3. Organic berries - the berries have been so sweet lately. We buy strawberries, blueberries and raspberries weekly. I can't wait for the blackberries to get good!

4. Leftovers - mashed sweet potatoes, grilled Tilapia, red-wine braised beef, gluten-free cheeseburger macaroni, spanish rice, and french toast. I love leftovers! I'd rather eat leftovers every single day for lunch and snacks than trying to come up with something on my own.

5. Bean dip. See it? At the very top? I grew up scooping it with Fritos and now, my kids love it.

6. Garlic. Pre-minced in a HUGE container. We eat so much garlic I have to buy it in bulk from Costco!

7. A variety of jarred, Organic pasta sauces. We use them to dip Calzones in, to whip up easy pastas during the busy weeks, we spread it on pizza dough, and I use it as a base to bake eggs on top of it for a quick breakfast. I make spaghetti from scratch often but when the kids ask for it, I love having a good quality sauce on hand.

8. Bacon, deli ham, Canadian bacon, and pork sausage - in the middle, deli drawer you will always find these in my fridge. The kids and I LOVE frying bacon for breakfast in the mornings. They love Canadian bacon on pizza and in English muffin egg sandwiches. I love scrambled eggs with bacon and pork sausage and I recently discovered how to bake eggs inside ham-lined muffin cups.

9. Pickles - pickle ovals, pickle spears, pickle relish, we love it all! Potato salad, pickles on burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. YUM!

10. Pellagrino - I love sparkling mineral water. All day, with every meal, it's so refreshing!

11. Maple syrup - the kids love pancakes, waffles, and french toast with maple syrup every day. I also use it in my quinoa granola. I buy it in bulk at Trader Joe's and Costco.

12. Mustards - Dijon, stone-ground, honey-, basic yellow. I use mustard to make my own BBQ sauce, we love mustard on sandwiches, and David slathers pork shoulders and tenderloins with mustard before applying dry rub.

13. Ginger beer - we love Moscow Mule cocktails and always have a 6pk of Ginger beer in the fridge to whip up a couple on a hectic weeknight. 

On any given day, you can find all 13 of these things in my fridge.

How about yours?


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