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Losing the wheat belly- Day 16: The 30-day Shred Challenge:

I completed the first part of my healthy lifestyle with my 14-day gluten elimination challenge and am so proud of myself not only for completing it but for really sticking to it day after day.

So, what now?

I think I should incorporate some routine exercise and I should start with Jillian Micheal's 30-day Shred. I already own the DVD and all the equipment so, it won't be a financial investment... just a physical and mental investment in my health.

One problem: I'm struggling with WHEN to work out.

Mornings are insane, trying to get everyone out the door for work, school, AM swim lessons or play dates and I personally enjoy taking a shower and being dressed for the day. I also enjoy my 9-10 hours of sleep and can't see myself setting my alarm any earlier! First world problems, I know but their MY problems and I really want to set myself up for success so being realistic is key.

Nolan's daily nap time is MY TIME. The one time during every day where I can do anything I want or need to do without any distractions. I typically return emails, update my blog, call Gram and friends, garden, work on the PTA books, watch television, tackle a home improvement project, catch up with neighbors, get on Facebook, and read. I also eat lunch alone, at a normal pace, and just enjoy the quiet in my backyard with the sun warming my skin. I truly don't see myself staying committed to working out during this time.

So, that leaves evenings.

David is working LATE often so, once the kids are in bed around 7:30pm, I have about an hour or more to myself where I could do a 30-45min DVD workout, shower, get into my comfy PJs and relax before making dinner. Sounds good in theory, I just have to put it into practice. Starting tonight!

I've located my DVD and hand weights so I'm ready to go!

Wish me luck! 

When do you workout?
Where do you workout? At home or do you belong to a runner's group or gym?


  1. This is such a problem for me. I know it will get easier as the kids get older, but it's so hard to find time for exercise. I just do what I can whenever I do have a little time, but I don't have a schedule. I should really commit to getting up early in the mornings, but it's not easy. Maybe you will motivate me with all these posts :)

    1. Yes! I either busy myself with other tasks- tasks that benefit everyone else in the family or our home- or find myself flopping down on the couch after an exhausting day. Maybe I need to find ways to say "no" and slow down so I'll have more time for me...?!?

  2. I am having the same struggle (when to work out). I try to do it during the day when my older 2 are in school and I just have my youngest with me...but its still hard with a 4 year old trying to jump on me when I am doing yoga, etc. I have been considering getting a jogging stroller...

    1. I can imagine! Emily's gone all day but having Nolan 2.8yrs home with me makes working out impossible except for when he's sleeping. ha! I actually have a jogging stroller and LOVE it but I'm not a runner. I can't seem to condition my body in the correct way. Oh well. Try Craigslist for a great used jogger and good luck!!!

  3. I know you said you don't want to do this (and everyone needs to do what works for them), but I wake up earlier than my kids to exercise. If I don't do it first thing in the morning it will not get done. Period. Some days when they both go to preschool I will work out after drop off, but usually it's early in the morning. Naptime is "my time," like you said for watching a TV show, folding laundry, reading etc. (and my 5 year old doesn't always nap anymore), and at night I am flat-out exhausted so I would never work out. I feel 100x better when I work out in the morning- no matter how the rest of the day plays out I know I succeeded at something. :) Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Aja!
      You're correct and I know it, I just don't wanna ;) I think I'll give this a try though because I've had ZERO luck doing it at night.


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