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Losing the wheat belly- a look back at Day 11 which was yesterday:

I was so exhausted yesterday and so caught up in the Olympics Ice-Dancing competition that I didn't blog about Day 11, which was yesterday. So, here I am playing catch up. :)

Yesterday was such a relaxed day compared to Saturday and boy, did I need it!

BREAKFAST: I tried a recipe for ham and egg cups I found on Pinterest and have to say, I'm impressed! I greased 6 muffin tin cups lightly with Canola Oil, lined each one with a thin slice of Virginia ham, and cracked in two egg WHITES into each cup. I sprinkled a pinch of Kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper onto each one and baked them at 400 degrees for 25-28 minutes. I ate two of them for a total less than 100 calories. Talk about filling! I also had 1C of fresh Organic raspberries, that I could barely choke down because I was so full. Ha!

Then, it was off to our favorite park to swing, slide, play teather and wall ball, play in the sandbox, and tackle the monkey bars. I was too full to have any of the snack I packed so I skipped it.

LUNCH: Once home, I heated up half of one chicken breast of my chicken picatta dinner leftovers plus 1C of the brown rice pasta. My favorite leftovers!

While Nolan napped, Gram and I loaded up the kids' wagon with Girl Scout cookies and we hit the neighborhood with Emily in-tow. We walked the neighborhood for two hours and she sold over $200.00 worth. She was super excited and did an excellent job approaching houses, making change in her head, and accepting the rejection from some. We walked past a Starbuck's so we indulged in lattes and hot chocolates. I also ate 1C of apple chunks I packed to have on-the-go.

It was so nice to just hang out at home and play the remainder of the afternoon. And while we had the kids busy, David fired up the BBQ pit and made chicken fajitas while I whipped up guacamole and chopped up all the toppings.

DINNER: I had two fajita tacos made with two corn tortillas each, 6oz of chicken sliced up, shredded spinach, halved grape tomatoes, and Trader Joe's tomato-less corn salsa.

Then, we settled in to watch the Ice Dancing portion of The Olympics. I was falling asleep before it was over! I guess I'll try and catch the rest of it during nap time today. :)


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