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Losing the wheat belly- a look back at Day 12 which was yesterday:

Yesterday was another school holiday so, it was important to get the kids to the indoor play place Emily begged us to take her to right when they open - like I've said before, lines form and places fill up on school holidays!

BREAKFAST: Unfortunately, we all slept in and we had 10 minutes to get out the door so, I made the hard choice to have a gluten-filled egg white and turkey bacon sandwich with my latte at Starbuck's this morning. I know, it's not the end of the world but about an hour later, I felt like it was. Bloated and feeling shaky as I crashed down off the blood sugar spike, I was reminded once again how important it is to plan ahead. I guess I thought some breakfast would be better than none at all.

LUNCH: Once home at 11:00am and feeling like I was going to pass out, I heated up the last portion of the chicken picatta leftovers to eat for lunch. I put Nolan down for his nap, settled Emily down with a movie, and came here to input all the food I ate.

SNACK: I had a banana cut into chunks, sprinkled with 2T of ground flaxseed and 1T of shredded coconut at 1:30pm.

DINNER: A steaming hot bowl of homemade chili over freshly prepared polenta was perfect for lounging in front of the television, watching the US figure skaters race for the Gold medal. Since I had it in the Crockpot mid-morning, it was ready by 6:00pm for Gram and I to enjoy. David is working late most days so, I kept his warm in the Crockpot for him to eat at 9:00pm.

The bad news: I not only consumed gluten today but I went over my calories. Everyone has "off" days, I know I shouldn't be too hard on myself. It just goes to show you that poor planning and poor choices can blow it all. 


  1. greek yogurt and a spoon full of peanut butter are my snacks when I don't plan well!

  2. Thanks, Devon!! I actually can't eat yogurt. Like, I literally can't choke it down because I can't deal with the texture. But I love peanut butter!! :)


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