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Losing the wheat belly- a look back at Day 13 which was yesterday:

Yesterday, Tuesday, was an excellent day because I was well prepared!

We were all awake a few minutes before our 7:00am alarm clock so everyone had showers and breakfast was made and we were all out the door for school on-time!

BREAKFAST: I scrambled up another lot of 1 egg plus 2 additional egg whites plus 1 slice of bacon crumbled in. I also enjoyed the latte David made for me, which is exactly like a Starbuck's caffe mocha with non-fat milk in an 8oz mug so, that's what I'm plugging in for easy tracking.

Mid-morning, mom and I packed up Nolan and were off to run errands. We both had to hit up the bank's ATM, I had a PTA deposit to make, and I had a package to ship. Once done, I swung by the house to drop mom and Nolan off so I could go to my dentist appointment. I was so full from breakfast that I didn't want a snack!

LUNCH: Once we got Nolan down for his nap, we prepared a delicious Cobb-style salad. I tossed 1C organic baby spinach with balsamic vinaigrette and topped it with half a chicken breast (one that David smoked over the weekend), 1/2C chopped tomatoes, a slice of crumbled bacon, 1T sliced almonds, 1/2C of the leftover broccoli & carrot slaw, 2 large chopped hard boiled egg whites, and 1oz of goat cheese. It was so good I think I may have licked my bowl. :)

DINNER: Knowing my husband would be working late and the kids would be in bed on the early side, mom and I made dinner early. I made Kung Pao shrimp with snow peas over brown rice. The sauce is very simple (soy, balsamic vinegar, water and corn starch) and the stir fry elements were raw delicious greatness: garlic, ginger, green onion, dried red chilis. YUM!

My mom is leaving Wednesday afternoon {huge sad face!} and we're all feeling the looming sadness of her departure. 


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