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Losing the wheat belly- a look back at Day 14 which was yesterday:

Yesterday was the final day of my first challenge: the 14-day gluten elimination.

It really did FLY BY!

Yesterday was also the last day of Gram's (my mom!) visit. :( Saying good-bye is never fun. But it was a super fun, last day.

BREAKFAST: Everyone was up and ready for school on-time. My husband made blueberry pancakes for the kids while I heated up a portion of my made-ahead scrambled 1 egg plus 2 egg whites and 1 slice of bacon. While I stayed at the school after drop off to write late slips, Gram walked to The Beanery to get us all lattes. Then, at 10:00am, Gram and I walked with Nolan to his favorite, weekly indoor play place until 12:00pm. It's the 1.5mile walk I do 3x each week and I try to do it in under 25 minutes total. It took us 34 minutes this week but that's okay!

LUNCH: Once home and Nolan was down for his nap at 12:30pm, I heated up last night's leftover Kung pao shrimp with snow peas over 1 C brown rice. Have I mentioned how much I love leftovers yet?!? Beats a PB&J or some other quick junk I might make myself. :)

Gram and I sewed up a rip in one of Emily's stuffed animals, watched some more of the Olympics, read through my recent Cooking Light magazine, and just enjoyed the afternoon sunshine in peace & quiet! Once Nolan was up at 2:00pm, we loaded up the car and drove Gram to the BART station which would take her to SFO airport. It's too far for me to drive her to be back to pick up Emily from school at 3:00pm.

Once I picked up Emily from school, I helped her with her homework and packed her lunch for tomorrow while Nolan ran around the play room having a snack. We also prepared for the Girl Scout meeting and I got a head start on dinner: BBQ chicken pizza on gluten-free crust!

SNACK: Just before 5:00pm, I had 12 raw almonds, a glass of fat-free milk and an organic Fuji apple.

DINNER: Once Emily and I were home from the Girl Scout meeting at 7:15pm, and both kids were tucked into bed at 7:30pm, we got to eat dinner. I had 1/4 of the 16" gluten-free pizza I made which equaled out to 2oz of leftover chicken breast, 2T green onion, 1 slice crumbled bacon, 1T BBQ sauce, 1/4C pineapple chunks, 1/4C cheddar cheese. You honestly couldn't tell the difference, it tasted great! It's Bob Red Mill's brand and I found it at Safeway.

Tomorrow morning is when I will weigh myself and take all my measurements. I'll also discuss the next part of my healthy lifestyle journey.

Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement thus far, I'm really motivated to keep going after how great the last 14 days have felt! :)


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