Losing the #wheatbelly - a look back at Day 5 and what I'm eating today, Day 6 #glutenfree #cooking #motherhood

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Losing the wheat belly - a look back at Day 5, which was yesterday and what I'm eating today, Day 6:

Yesterday was really great! Did you see the photos of the food I'm eating in yesterday's post? Delicious food you can feel good about eating and feeding your family! Click here to see for yourself.

I love Mondays; We are all back to our work and school routines and I'm super happy about it because my week days FLY by! Every minute of the day is planned out between drop-off and pick-up, play dates and appointments, naps, meals, after school activities, and bed time. This leaves no time for boredom, which always led to mindless eating in the past.

Have I mentioned how GREAT I am sleeping? I know I have. It's truly tremendous how this one little change, eliminating gluten, has already changed my life. So, what did I eat yesterday?

BREAKFAST: 1 egg and 2 additional whites scrambled with 2 slices of bacon mixed in. No cheese today, I decided to save the fat and calories. I also had my morning espresso latte with fat-free milk. This was at 8:35am. I wasn't even hungry until 1:30pm, which is great, because my husband and I rarely eat dinner before 8:00pm. He works later hours so I put the kids to bed around 7:00pm and wait to eat with him around 8-9:00pm. I've been needing to space my meals and snacks out a bit later in the day anyway so this works fine!

LUNCH: I warmed up 4oz of the grilled Tilapia and served it with sliced, pan-fried polenta that I topped with a small dollop of goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. I nearly died. This is a fabulous meal! I also had snap peas on the side. I should've eaten 2 cups, I forgot how much I love them. I buy them for my kids.

SNACK: I had intended to eat berries and almonds but didn't feel like it so I had 1C of grapes with 12 almonds instead. It was the perfect pick-me-up and easy to eat while running after the kids! :)

DINNER: My fabulous Pad Thai recipe. Oh my gosh yum! And how exciting to see just how large my portion was because I cut the turkey back to only 1/4lb (my portion was half of that!) and only used egg whites. I also love brown rice Pad Thai noodles! Such great texture and chew.

So, on to today, Tuesday, Day 6!

It's another school day so, breakfast happens fast and furiously, as I'm checking backpacks and finding coats. I warmed up another portion of 1 egg plus 2 additional egg whites mixed with 1 slice of chopped bacon sprinkled with 1T of Monterrey Jack cheese. Takes 45 seconds in the microwave and is great! A little rubbery but still tasty and better than reaching for a bowl of cereal or a granola bar!

Right after drop off, Nolan and I ran off to Target.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to buy Star Wars Valentine's for the whole class.

I got lucky and found them right away. I also had to pick up sliced cheese and salami to make a super fun, heart-shaped snack platter for the party on Thursday (no school on Friday). I'm also baking brownies I plan to cut into hearts but that will have to wait until later this afternoon.

Something neat: I zipped up one of the hoodies I wear daily and I didn't have to pull it across my body, holding it tightly in order to get it to zip. Woot!!

I plan to pack a snack of nuts and berries to take with me to the park after pick-up. I promised Emily I would take them on the first sunny day this week. Then, tonight is all about doing some push-ups and closing out January's books and running prior period reports for the PTA before Thursdays meeting.

Good luck in whatever journey you are on and thank you for supporting mine!


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