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Losing the wheat belly - a look back at Day 7, which was yesterday and what I'm eating today, Day 8:

Yesterday was another great day! It's so nice to be in a solid routine and know exactly what to eat at every meal and snack. It's really working out well for me to sit down, the night before, and input what my menu for the day is going to be. Takes out the guesswork and eliminates the need to just grab something because I'm starving and am not thinking clearly enough to whip something up.

BREAKFAST: last night's leftover hash brown casserole was a delicious quick breakfast to go with my morning latte. I gobbled it down around 8:00am this morning and headed off to school to my weekly volunteer obligation of writing tardy slips for the Office. Then, at 10:00am, I walked Nolan and I to his MWF indoor play place. I did the 2 miles four minutes faster than I did on Monday and burned another 150 calories! That's 300 total calories burned this week without a real exercise regimen in place. Yea!

SNACK: I decided to split today's snack in half and eat part of it at 11:00am while at our indoor play place (almonds and half an apple). I've noticed lately that there are too many hours between lunch at Noon and dinner at 8:00pm and a snack around 2:00pm isn't enough. Let's see if this works for the next couple of days!

LUNCH: Once I got home and settled Nolan down for his nap at 1:30pm, I had 1/4 portion of the spinach artichoke pasta I made for dinner the other night. It was soooooooooo good. And filled me up!

SNACK: I planned to have this snack of almonds, snap peas and carrots, and raspberries at 5:00pm while the kids were having dinner and I did. I was just starting to feel hungry so the timing was perfect.

DINNER: Lettuce wraps with ground turkey & mushrooms, a savory sauce, and a topping of broccoli & carrot slaw, green onions, and water chestnuts was the perfect end to this day. It's quick to make and easy to make and that's good because I have lemon bars to make for Thursday's PTA meeting and finishing touches to put on Emily's classroom Valentine's party treats.
Splitting up my snacks was brilliant. It's my new daily "thing"! I wasn't hungry at all between meals and it made waiting to eat dinner until 8:00pm or later so much easier!

Today is SUCH a busy day, I have had to force myself to remember to eat but I scheduled leftovers for every meal to make things easier for me and clean out the fridge!

I packed up all the treats for today's Valentine's party in Emily's classroom last night but still found myself scrambling to get it all together before 8:00am.

BREAKFAST: I gobbled up the last portion of the hash brown casserole with my morning latte as I was packing everything up, putting on make-up (PTA meeting tonight!), gathering up all the documents I had to make copies of (for the PTA meeting), and trying to get Emily out the door.

SNACK: Once home from dropping off the Valentine's treats and leading reading groups in class at 9:00am (I do this every Thursday), I grabbed Nolan and we drove to Bed Bath & Beyond and Safeway for materials and ingredients I needed to make the snacks for tonight's PTA meeting. I'm head of the Hospitality Committee so I always bake something and plate up a veggie tray, as well as make coffee once per month for these meetings. During it all, Nolan was making baskets in the play room and I was able to eat a banana cut into chunks sprinkled with ground flax seed and shredded coconut at 11:00am. SO GOOD!

LUNCH: I got Nolan down for his nap, the Angel food cake made and baked, my hair dried & curled, my clothes laid out (I love PTA meetings because I get to dress up a bit more than a regular day!), updated my blog, input my food today here, watched last night's American Idol (thank God for DVRs!), and then, microwaved the last portion of the leftover spinach artichoke pasta for lunch at 2:00pm.

DINNER: I plan to eat leftover lettuce wraps around 7:00pm, just before the PTA meeting tonight.

There's no school tomorrow through Monday so, let's hope I don't fall out of my great routine with the kids home and underfoot all day! :)


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