Losing the #wheatbelly - a look back at Day 9 and what I'm eating today, Day 10 #glutenfree #cooking #motherhood

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Losing the wheat belly- a look back at Day 9 which was yesterday and what I'm eating today, Day 10:

Yesterday ended really well.

I made shredded chicken tacos (crispy corn taco shells) for dinner, something I haven't made in years because David became a real PitMaster and I no longer "grilled" any meat, poultry or fish indoors. But, it was Valentine's Day and I remember how much he used to love them so, I pulled out a can of Embasa salsa, my Lodge cast iron grill pan, and got work. Once cooked through and cooled, I cut the chicken into chunks and put it in my food processor with the salsa and pulverized it into a paste. I loaded two shells with the meat filling, shredded Romaine lettuce, halved grape tomatoes and a small amount of Mexican-style shredded cheese. Delicious!

I finished this week's menu, made the grocery list, vacuumed, AND put away the laundry. Go, me!

Then, I flopped on the couch with David and fell asleep halfway through "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". Great movie!

Today was not a good day, health-wise.

The kids slept in so I bolted out of bed at 9:15am, in a rush to get to the grocery store so I could pick my mom up at BART at 10:45am. I didn't shower, had no make-up on, and ran off without breakfast. On a positive note: I did NOT eat anything {ahem, a donut!} at the store! The donut case use to be my go-to on Saturday mornings as I did my shopping. Small victories, right?!?

I swung home to grab the kids so David could shower and get ready for our busy day, picked my mom up from BART and once home I unloaded all the groceries, got Emily dressed in her Girl Scout uniform and packed our bag for us all to have lunch before our 1:00pm booth sales time. I had three Al Pastor street tacos from our favorite Mexican food place (YUM!!) with just cilantro and salsa on the corn tortillas. I had such a headache by the time our meal came at 12:15pm that I practically inhaled my food.

David drove Nolan home for his nap and Gram, Emily and I stayed in town to sell cookies, do some shopping, and catch The Lego Movie at 4:45pm.

I didn't plan well enough in advance to put some almonds and an apple in my purse so, I went without a snack today. Another bad choice and example of poor planning. However, on another positive note: I did NOT eat anything at the theater including the popcorn and Whoppers Emily had. Go, me!

Once settled at home and the kids were moving towards bedtime, I made my chicken picatta with brown rice spaghetti and roasted a head of cauliflower with olive oil and garlic. I had 6oz of chicken, 1 C of the cooked pasta, and 1 C of the cauliflower. It was heavenly! And I really enjoyed the gluten-free all purpose flour by King Author I used to bread the chicken that I purchased at Safeway this morning. It browned up beautifully and had a delicious, crispy texture. Great substitution!

It's 10:00pm and I about to flop into bed, I'm exhausted! I love when my mom visits but I always overdo it. :)


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