My baby doesn't look anything like a baby anymore. #tuesdaytoddlertales #motherhood #toddlers

How BIG does my baby look in this photo?

He doesn't even resemble a baby at all anymore.

How does that happen? All of a sudden, one day, BAM! You look at them and see a little boy.

Something about his hairstyle and the way he crosses his ankles when he sits just screams big boy to me, especially in this photo.

Speaking of sitting, Nolan loves to climb up on the couch and watch television these days. He'll look around for the remote control and brings it to me once located.

He will even request shows by name.

His favorites on PBS include:
The Cat in the Hat
Wild Kratts
Bob the Builder
Thomas & Friends

All were favorites of Emily's at this age.

She actually still loves most of these shows and I'll allow them to watch 30 minutes (or one show) every afternoon right before dinner time as it buys me some time in the kitchen!

Unfortunately, I can't get too busy because, before I know it, Nolan is diving from the ottoman to the couch, flipping upside down upon landing. We've lost a vase, spilled drinks, and broke the glass out of several picture frames that sit on the console table behind the couch.


  1. It's crazy how they suddenly look so much older. Henry is starting to be this way too. Sometimes I look at him and can't believe how tall he looks. I love seeing them change, but it's so sad they aren't babies anymore!


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