Studio Grow in Berkeley,CA: an excellent place to drop in and play! #tuesdaytoddlertales #toddlers #kids #parenting #motherhood

Oh, Studio Grow, how I love thee.

And miss thee.

And have forgotten how awesome you are!!!

Though, I must comment on how high your prices are now. Wow. $10 per person (parents must pay, too!) is a bit steep for what always ends up being only about two hours of fun. However, you are worth it about once or twice per month, especially when we get bored of the play places and parks in our city.

The things I love most haven't changed since we first starting visiting with Emily, seven years ago and they include the fact that you have a parking lot and are open at 9:30am! We also love the music and story hour your staff hosts daily and how clean and safe everything is. I love that you still have the Mother's room for nursing and just taking some time to be in a quiet area and I like that you now have a crawler's room for the itty bitties!

We love the large, warm room full of magnets and puppets and wooden blocks where we can build a wooden city.

The art room full of homemade play doh, canvases on which to paint, and chalkboards is such a treat! Especially for this mom who hates to make these kinds of messes at home. :)

And the room we spent the most time in is what I call the tumble room. There's roller coasters, a rope climbing wall, tunnels, basket ball hoops, and a ball pit!

We also love that we can bring outside food in and enjoy it in your dining room and we are looking forward to coming back on a day when the outdoor patio is open so we can splash in all the water tables!

Thank you for yet another awesome visit!


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