Thirteen things I think I'll miss most about being #glutenfree #thursdaythirteen #losingthewheatbelly

I love to eat.

I'm from the South, from Texas, and most of my meals every single day my entire life have revolved around something containing a "fried" element or a baked element. I now live in the Bay Area with the San Francisco skyline as the backdrop for every sunset and the food here is unimaginably good.

It's easy to feel a bit bummed about all that I might miss out on moving to a gluten-free lifestyle. I mean, I know I can substitute almond or coconut flour and recreate most of the items below but, in my heart, it's just not the same.

So, I thought I'd make a list of 13 things I'll miss most about being gluten-free:

1. gravy

2. Chicken-fried steak

3. buttermilk biscuits

4. Texas sheet cake

5. fried Okra

6. cheeseburgers on brioche buns

7. smothered burriots

8. molten lava cake

9. quesadillas

10. fried pickles

11. peach cobbler

12. chimichangas

13. carrot cake

If you've given up gluten, what are some foods you miss?

Anything on my list you have a fabulous recipe for you don't mind sharing a link to?


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