Bangs, dead printers, turning 40 and a broken picture frame: Thirteen random things about our life right now! #thursdaythirteen #random #parenting #marriage

Thirteen complete random things about our life right now:

1. I just moved Nolan up to a size 5 overnight diaper because he's woken up soaking wet three days in a row.

2. Emily really wants her hair cut short and to have bangs like her good friend Eleanor. I'm not sure I can bring myself to take her. I think I'm most afraid of them NOT turning out right. Do you remember trying to "train" your bands? I sure do. It wasn't fun. I better make sure to take her to my Stylist instead of Great Clips.

3. Our lease in this house is coming up for renewal again. June marks year number three. We are hoping to stay a total of 10 years in this house so we can get both kids through the Elementary School that's down the street. Then, buying a house of our own!

4. I've been gluten-free for nearly a month now and have never felt better. It's also getting easier to feed myself and my family meals without grains and breads and pastas that contain gluten. I haven't heard a single complaint. Yet.

5. David turns the big 4-0 this year and I'm planning a 3-day get away for us up through Napa Valley. I don't even know where to start because we love everything from Napa to Calistoga and the choices are abundant. We've visited a dozen times and love all the wineries, grocers, and spas but we have yet to stay in a B&B. I think I'll go that route.

6. I bought Emily new shoes last month in a size 1. Seriously, a 1!! Although that's small considering her friends' sizes, it appears she blew past size 13. Oh, and she's an extra-wide! Thank the good Lord for Stride Right and Tsukihoski!

7. Our professionally printed and mounted engagement photo we've had since 2005 fell off the wall this morning. Not only did the glass shatter all over our bed and the floor, but the frame broke. I'm so frustrated and the prospect of trying to replace it.

8. My temporary orthodic insert has worked great this last month; I haven't experienced any pain or discomfort and I'm looking forward to receiving the one custom made for me. My new shoes are super cute, too! Bright blue with watermelon-colored laces.

9. I was asked to stay on as PTA Treasurer again next year and I'm really excited about it. It's been such a treat to slip back into a small part of my previous Accounting career. Though, I've been given a tiny glimpse of what it might be to work at home and I've fully accepted that this is not something I'd ever be interested in. Too many distractions, too much stuff to find a place for.

10. My printer literally just died. Like, it stopped working and kept displaying a "paper jam" error. Thank goodness I bought one of those typically pointless protection plans because that $9.99 just saved me $150.00. I filed my claim online, David printed the pre-paid UPS shipping label from work and helped me package it up in it's original box, and I dropped it off at our local shipping store last week. I will be receiving a $150 gift card to Office Max sometime next week to buy a new printer. I'm stoked!!!

11. Emily has been begging me to take her back to Austin,TX this summer to spend a month with her Gram and Aunt Jenny. Last summer was so much fun, it's all she has talked about all year. Luckily, between Gram and I, we have enough frequent-flyer points to get all three of our (my, Emily's, and Nolan's) roundtrip tickets FREE. David has to work again this summer - he's usually off project by May - so, we'll be going without him again. I think he's okay with this as it means evenings to control the remote and sleep in on weekends.

12. I'm having a girlfriend over tomorrow night that I haven't actually SEEN in person in 2 years. Does your life get that busy? Where, if a friend and/or their husband or kids isn't in your immediate circle (church, neighborhood, school, work), you just can't seem to find time for each other? It's not anything against her, it's more that I find my time filling up with the people and activities I'm directly related to. Make sense? She's one of my best friends, one of those girls who has always had MY back and loved me no matter what. I have a feeling we'll be laughing and drinking wine until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

13. While walking through the kitchen into the play room this morning, the mess of crap that has accumulated ontop of my fridge and cabinets caught my eye. Suddenly, it really bothered me and had to be cleaned up. It took 4 Swiffer dusters, 6 paper towels, half a bottle of de-greaser and two trash bags to finally have it all clean. It was worth it!


  1. Ooh, a Napa getaway sounds amazing! I am already looking forward to getting away from a weekend for our anniversary this summer. We have only been away overnight once since the kids were born, but it was so nice we decided to do it every year. Glad your orthotics are working out. I have them too, for running. They made such a difference in my life. I went from being almost unable to run at all, to running a marathon. Amazing what the right support for your feet can do! I know how you feel about the kids shoes sizes. Somehow it's a little scary every time they go up a size. Ha! Especially moving from little kid to big kid sizes. Yikes.


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