Losing the #wheatbelly - Day 32: Day 1: Level 1 of The 30-day Shred Challenge #glutenfree #cooking #motherhood

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My current challenge is to do The 30-Day Shred DVD by Jillian Michael's every single day for 30 days; however, it's taken me over two weeks to find the time in my schedule to workout every day. And to loose all the excuses.

I set this goal over two weeks ago in THIS post.

And today, I DID IT.

I spent the morning playing with Nolan and volunteering at Emily's school.

I spent nap time reading, checking email and Facebook, blogging, watching TV, and enjoying a quiet lunch.

Once we picked Emily up from school, we played basketball, blew bubbles, and rode scooters on the school playground until 5:30pm.

Once I fed them dinner, read them their stories, and prepared lunches and boxes for tomorrow, it was time to workout.

And I did!

I did Day 1: Level 1 of The 30-day Shred.

Oh, and I felt like I might die during the 30 minutes.

Who doesn't feel that way when they begin The 30-Day Shred? Maybe someone already in-shape who doesn't need to do it, I guess.

During the cardio, I thought I pee myself and my ankles were throbbing.
During the pushups, I could hear my knees and wrists creaking.
During the ab work, my spine was screaming in pain from the discomfort of the floor.

My favorite parts were the chest flys, dumbell rows, and squats. I really love weight training, I actually forgot how much until today's workout. Which is great for me because weight training is how you blast through fat and trim down the fastest. Yea!

I would say, I did every single exercise to the best of my ability but on accomplished about 75% of each one as I needed to stop and catch my breath. I have got to work on my breathing and get some stamina!

Most uncomfortable part during the whole workout - feeling my stomach bounce as I did all the cardio (yuck!) and not really being able to catch my breath during the ab work because I was crunching my fat roll. Argh. I seriously hate even typing that out. To be honest, I typed that last sentence and erased it and retyped it, wavering between complete honesty in leaving it and keeping a small shred of my dignity my leaving it out.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement!


  1. I workout w/ Jillian Michael's DVDs too and I felt the same way when I started Ripped in 30. Now nearly a year later, I can do all the advanced versions and have dropped two/three sizes. You'll get there! Keep at it!

  2. That's great you finally started 30 Day Shred! It's definitely a challenge to start that when you're not in good shape. In fact, I've never actually done 30 days straight. I just started trying to work out more regularly again too. Never easy, but it feels great after a good workout.


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