Nolan: 2yr 10mo - Very first swim lesson @AquaTechSwim Alameda #toddlers #kids #familyfun

Today was Nolan's very first swim lesson at Aquatech Swim School in Alameda.

Because he's under age three, he has to be in the Mommy & Me Tadpole class so, that's where we started.

He was so excited yesterday, watching and playing during Emily's lesson, saying: "Diggy turn, I swim" (his nickname is Diggy); however, today, he was much more hesitant and even said; "No, no swim, I play with cars" as we drove over, walked in, changed, and arrived at the edge of the pool. He was clinging to my leg a bit and holding my hand really tight.

I got in first (it was only four feet deep) and was able to coach him into sitting on the edge and putting his feet it. I didn't say anything to him just smiled and let him look at all the other kids between five months and three years of age.

All of a sudden, he inched himself to the edge of the pool and, smiling, he slid right in, trembling a bit, and wrapped his arms around my neck. It was quite comical to have a child so happy and yet scared to death! :)

It's a class designed for infants and toddlers so, there was a whole lot of singing to do along with basic moves to make kids comfortable with the water like The Hokey Pokey where we lean to one side and "put your left ear in, put your left ear out". It was very cute and Nolan was smiling and giggling the entire time. He really loosened up (his Boa Constrictor grip around my neck, that is), allowing me to extend him further and further away from my body in order to toss him in the arm and let him jump off the side of the pool into my arms.

He absolutely REFUSED to allow me to even put his chin in the water, forget dunking him! We will work on that in the coming weeks.

When it came to hanging over a floating bar and being pulled back and forth across the pool he excelled! I was surprised he let me let him go.

Next up was kicking his legs while I pulled him back and forth across the pool: he was kicking as good if not better than Emily! He legs were straight and strong.

And he really hit his stride when it was time to roll onto his back, lay his head on my shoulder, and kick his legs back and forth across the pool. In fact, when his swim lesson was over and we spent the next hour and a half enjoying "family swim time", he demanded "I kick!" over and over again. We kicked about three miles in that pool today and I literally had to drag him out.

We had the best time and I'm so happy with my decision to start him in swim lessons this early (Emily was deathly afraid and refused which is why she didn't start until this last year at age 6). His class meets every Wednesday morning but he and I can just go swim and have fun Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am-2pm to enjoy "family swim time".


  1. We LOVE AquaTech! Even my Littles enjoy going to see what movie is playing!

  2. My kids have done mommy & me swim classes too! I remember my son the same way - terrified but loving it at the same moment. Enjoy those times when we clings to your neck. It's a beautiful and doesn't last nearly long enough! :)


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