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My friend over at Through The Picture Window does a segment from time to time called "The State of Things" and I always enjoy reading about all the things going on with her and her family. I particularly like that she includes everything from her workouts, her home, and her job to what's going on in her garden and what her children are up to. I love posts that give readers glimpses into the ordinary parts of life!

So, to honor Sarah, this week's Thursday Thirteen is a list all about The State of Things with The Shavers Family:

1. Earth Week is coming up at Emily's School and I'm the co-chair of our Go Green committe thus, this is the biggest thing we do all year. For the past month I have been making posters and mailings to go out to the whole school, planning our Family Night (crafts & pizza!), and working on my speech for the Opening Assembly on Monday.

2. There's no school on Friday in celebration of Passover and Easter and I'm trying to decide what to do with the kids. I am NOT going far from home because traffic is always awful on Fridays regardless of what time it is and because every other SAHM with the kids will be out looking for things to do, too and I just can't do crowds. I'm considering the beach or a local park...

3. I'm well-prepared for Easter on Sunday as far as having the kids' baskets filled with arts & crafts, some sweet treats, and a special toy or two. I must admit, I hate that we haven't found a new church family out here (it's been eight years and we still don't have one!) so that we can expose our children to The Lord and help them to really "get" what Easter is all about. I always loved the tradition of shopping for an Easter dress, getting dressed up Sunday morning, going to church with friends, and celebrating with a big meal afterwards as a child and want my children to experience it as well.

4. This last weekend, I nearly killed my damn self tripping over a traffic cone that was marking off the side of the farmer's market - you know, to keep cars from turning the corner too sharply and hitting the stands. As I was walking to my car, holding my super heavy bag of loot in front of me (I could barely see over the top), I got one foot caught UNDER the edge of the cone and stepped on the top of it with the other foot, causing me to become tangled up in this four foot beast. My bag of groceries went flying, arms were flailing. It took about 20 feet and 30 seconds to recover. Ugh. I was humiliated and still had to pick up all my loot before I could race off to my car. I'm sure I'm on YouTube.

5. Mother's Day is just around the corner. Want to know what I'd like more than anything? I'd like to have all my knives taken to Pagano's to be professionally sharpened.

6. I'm so lazy when it comes to clutter: I fling hoodies, jackets, scarves and shoes wherever it is that I take them off. The problem comes when I need one of these things and spend 20 minutes turning the house upside down looking for them. I just found the sunglasses I've been missing since Monday! It's such a bad habit to break but I really have got to hang my stuff up in the same place all the time.

7. We booked our summer vacation to Texas a few weeks ago and I've got the ball rolling to get both kids back into Emler Swim School for two weeks. Gram and I are also looking at a membership to The Lakeway Pool, The Hoppin' House, and tickets to Austin's new aquarium. I heard they recently moved the Children's Musem into the old airport so, that's on my list, too! I really need to get over to Athleta to find some shorts that wick away sweat, Texas is so hot, y'all!

8. I've recently used up all the Prada perfume I got for Christmas and have been trying out new scents. I received an Ulta catelog with the new Dolce by D&G and it's my top pick.

9. After shlepping the kids all over The Bay Area over Spring Break, I decided I desperately needed a backpack. I think I've decided on the Borealis by North Face but $90?!? Anyone have a cute-ish, small, comfortable, weatherproof backpack they'd love to recommend?

10. The kids started their swim lessons at Aquatech in Alameda this week. They are in-love. Swimming is all Emily every wants to do! I find it's an easy activity to drag Nolan along to (his lessons are Wednesday mornings) because they have a kids zone with toys and puzzles and it keeps him busy and happy and allows me to actually watch Emily.

11. David and I are discussing converting Nolan's nursery into his "big boy" room and I'm terrified! Emily was still very happily sleeping/napping in her crib until she was 3 1/2 years old and in all honesty, we only converted her crib to a toddler bed because she potty-trained at night before daytime and was waking us up constantly to get up and use the potty. I'm most afraid because his room is up a short flight of stairs and across the house from our room - what if he falls and we don't hear him? We've even tried bribing Emily to change rooms with him (she's in the middle, closest to us). So much to think about! The reason we are discussing it is because he's jumping in his crib really hard and 1) we are afraid he's going to damage it or 2) really hurt himself when he falls out. I also don't really want to deal with a kid who gets up and plays during the night!

12. My Xterra turned 10 years old this month. It's such a wonderful car and has so many memories, I can't bare to part with it so I'm grateful it only has 90,000 miles on it and still runs like the day I bought it.

13. I'm really looking forward to this weekend because we are almost done planting this year's garden and flower beds. We need to get over to the nursery to grab some certified organic basil, sage, green onion, and a variety of tomato seedlings. Emily wants to do peppers and corn but I need to read up on that to ensure I companion plant properly and when during the year to plant those things.


  1. Aww, this is great!! I actually considered making the Current State of Things a link-up, but I don't think I'd have enough people to participate. I can't wait to get my garden started, but still have a while. And I completely get your hesitation about moving to a bed for Nolan. I'm like you- keep them in that crib as long as possible! Luckily it has never occurred to either of my kids to climb out. I guess if he's climbing out, you have to do something.


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