2014 Summer #Vacation to #Texas - A BBQ at Pawpaw's house! #kids #family

My dad lives out in Smithville and is my kids only grandfather so he has a big role to fill for them.

Every year we visit Austin, he spends all night smoking meats and cooking all our favorite foods, cleaning the house, and wrapping gifts for Emily and Nolan. And we bake his favorite cake, German chocolate, because his birthday and Father's Day fall within days of each other during our trip.

Emily especially loves driving out to PawPaw's house in Smithville because it's in the country.

Pawpaw's house is where we catch frogs in the yard, chase crickets, and play with all the cats.

Nolan got a big kick out of trying on my dad's harness gear (he works construction now)!

My dad got them the best gifts this year: a basket full of stuffed Ty beanie babies for Emily plus the 50 state coin collection and a race car and autographed baseball for Nolan.

Because he lives so far out and Nolan is still young, it's hard to spend more than half a day with him and it always goes by way too fast.

Until next time, Pawpaw, we love you!


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