Cleaning out the closet to prepare for #school - My 7yr has outgrown almost all of her clothes #parenting #motherhood #kids

School starts back on the 25th of this month and, if you ask me, it's way too soon!

I always started school after the Labor Day holiday...

That's neither here nor there, what's important in this post in this week of our lives is that we have to start getting prepared for third grade and that starts with trying on clothes from last year to see what fits and what doesn't.

Below is a sampling of what I cleaned out of her closet to sell and some of it sold before I took photos for this post.

Her (and my!) favorite items from last year that no longer fit include her famous jersey knit jeggings (from Carter's) and this 2-in-1 pink polka dot jacket. I loved that the jeggings weren't sheer because they were jersey instead of cotton, were ankle-length so I never worried if they were too long nor too short, and the "jeans" detailing that enabled her to get away with a regular t-shirt instead of focusing on covering her butt.

Also being sold are these adorable dresses that are so short now, even a pair of leggings can't save them by turning them into tunics. Shame. They are all from Carter's. Tunics as well as regular-length and capri-length leggings are being sold as well because they are too tight and too short and the leggings don't cover her butt any longer. Emily's body is becoming more shapely and thus, we've moved up a size.

These skirts with shorts built-in ("scorts") from Old Navy that we have loved and worn for 2 years are now way too short as are the capri-length pants from Carter's that we've had for over 2 years. The pants hit her above her knee now! All her t-shirts (from Carter's and Old Navy) show her mid-drift when she raises her arms or even when removing a jacket so they have to go, too.

This adorable outfit has to go because the shorts are too short by school rules now. All bottoms have to come down past your fingertips when you hands are at your sides.

So, did anything still fit?

Yes! Her two favorite cardigans, all the dresses (5) we bought during Gymboree's winter clearance in a size 7, the 5 pairs of size 7 leggings we got from The Gap Outlet during our Christmas shopping, and her size 1youth Stride Rite tennis shoes.

We still need to purchase some new socks as she complains that the rubbery pads and store brand name glued to the bottom that helps kids not slip hurt while wearing shoes. Go figure, kids actually grow out of that! I'm off to Target to see what they have this week.

As far as replacing 75% of her wardrobe, I did that in the last two weeks by shopping some amazing clearance sales on Hanna Andersson, Gymboree, Crazy 8, and Mini Boden, which I will post about later this week.

Do your kids outgrow their clothes every year still?
Anything that lasted longer than one year?
Where do you shop if you have kids in a size 6 or larger?


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