Emily: 8th birthday party #kids #motherhood #familyfun #parenting

Emily really really really wanted a party at Pump It Up this year so, even though we've attended as a guest about a hundred times, we said "okay". She wanted multi-colored decorations and a dragon cake. That's it.

She got to invite 15 kids and all but three showed up so it was a big group; however, the staff managed them so well, we were practically hands-off! First, they sang to her and made a big stink over it being her birthday. She LOVED every second of it, especially that her Gram flew in.

Then, they filed into Area A and got to it.

They played games with them and engaged the ones who didn't seem to want to bounce and we didn't have to set up OR clean up. It was actually quite awesome!

It may have been a tossup between Nolan and Emily as to whom had the most fun. :)

After all the jumping and game-playing was over, Emily was treated Royally as they ate pizza and had cupcakes.

Emily got so many awesome gifts from her friends - they all really know her very well - and everyone went home with glow-in-the-dark silly putty. Emily picked it out all by herself. She really enjoyed making all the decisions for her party and already has next year's party all planned out.


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