Halloween 2014: it was the year of the Peacock #kids #halloween #familyfun #parenting

Nolan is a wee bit of a scaredy-cat, all things Halloween, including costumes, was OUT for him this year so, 2014 was the year of the Peacock in our family. If you know Emily, you know she loves all aviary. The bigger and brighter and more rare the bird, the more she loves it.

She even has new bird bedding in her room!

She picked out her entire costume this year: headpiece, wings, and even the clothing she decided to wear underneath it all.

We started the evening as we always do: Trick-or-Treating down our neighborhood streets around our Elementary School. All the neighbors sit out near the sidewalks at 4:30pm to hand out candy. I really enjoyed all the decorations! People go all out around here.

Emily wasn't scared at all this year. She even ventured inside the haunted house. When she came out she said; "that was silly, not scary". :)

We decorated our house up big again this year, as always.

Nolan was napping while I took Emily around the neighborhood but once he woke up, he was really excited to get outside and play with my decorations. He LOVED these little pumpkins!

He DID agree to wear this "Boo" glow-in-the-dark shirt to celebrate the day!

We don't go out after dark. Instead, we hand out candy! It's Emily's favorite part! Even Nolan got in on the action, grabbing one piece at a time and carefully putting in each Treater's bag. He probably ate every other piece himself. ;)

Our Gram was with us, as always, because it was my birthday as well as Halloween and that made it all that much more special!


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