A trip to Tilden Park's Little Farm - Emily cozies up with her favorite animal! #kids #parenting #familyfun

While David was on vacation the month of February, we spent a number of afternoons at Tilden Park's Little Farm.

I use to take Emily here when she was a toddler and it was always her favorite.

They have cows, horses, sheep, goats, geese, chickens, pigs, rabbits, ducks, and even wild turkeys! You are allowed to bring lettuce and/or celery to feed the animals (nothing else as they are on strict diets!) and the Rangers are there to answer questions, give you behind-the-scenes tours, and even assist you with some animal petting.

This particular visit, Emily got to go inside the chicken coup and... well, see for yourself:

Birds are her favorite. Any kind of aviary. However, since she visited a petting zoo back when she was only three years old and got to carry around a chicken for what felt like an eternity after Christmas Mass, she's been obsessed!

Nolan was DEVASTATED when he saw Emily in the coup. He was bawling and, at one point, flung himself down on the ground in a full-blown tantrum because he wanted "some, too!!!". We eventually calmed him with a little goat-feeding.

It's quite a drive up into the hills but boy is it worth it!

There are restrooms and water fountains and even a little play ground. The nature center is really something else. We like to go on Wednesday's after school because there's no one there and the animals are hungry again!


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