The Grazing Preschooler - is my kid the only one? #motherhood #kids #preschool #boys

Nolan, three years and eight months old, is incredibly articulate.

He knows and can tell you exactly what he wants, likes, and needs and how he feels about it all.

Right now, he doesn't want to sit down to eat.

So, I've become "that" mom who allows her Preschooler to graze over mealtimes, mainly lunch, so I can avoid arguments and power-struggles surrounding food.

I'm okay with it.

He is so creative, especially with his fleet of Matchbox cars, that he gets deep into play and just does not want to be interrupted. I can't have him eating lunch at 3:00pm so, this is our compromise.

Do you see my husband in the bottom right corner, picking up the Puffs?

Yeah, Nolan was pretending to be a Garbage Man and dumped the entire container all over his tray, like how the garbage trucks pick up our cans and dump their contents into their truck.

Hahahaha! He gets points for creativity from me!


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