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I'm not super-crafty.

I'm not completely inept, I do a fair job... let's just leave it at I don't scour Pinterest for the cutest ideas and spend time and money making them come to fruition on a regular basis and I certainly don't do it for class valentines! I just don't have that ambition. Takes all kinds to make the world go round, right? :)

Valentine's are up to the kids once they can write, which was about first grade for us.

Every year, I take Emily to Michael's and let her pick out what she wants to give her classmates. I buy all the supplies she desires and leave her to it. I only help if asked with things like a glue gun, hole punch, and some cutting but I really pull back and let her do all the work.

This year, she decided on pencils with erasers.

Are erasers all the rage with your kids?


She wants to go to this Japanese dollar store or our local book store every week to spend her money on little animal and food-shaped erasers! They show them off and even trade them after school!

I digress.

Anyhow, she picked a pack of pencils with erasers and wanted to slip the pencil into a heat so we bought a pack of 5" foam hearts. She also wanted to decorate each one so we purchased new, colored felt pens (Buy 1, Get 1 Free!) and a huge container of multi-colored, sparkly hearts in a variety of sizes.

She spent three days picking out the perfect eraser for each of her classmates, decorating each foam heart, and writing each of their names on it. I helped punch two holes in each heart and helped clean up all the little white adhesive strips on the backs of those little decorative heart stickers.

Her class party was on Thursday the 12th.

Here she is above in the all-pink outfit she chose for the occasion. So cute!

I really love that the staff at her school requires you either not send Valentine's at all or you must make one for every student and it's encouraged that they are all equal/similar. Emily was over-the-moon with all the cards, treats, candy, and toys she got in her bag this year. I love how her joy lasted for about a week as she examined each one and either played with it or ate it.


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