An adult night out: Me, my Kate Spade earrings and the diamonds I won! #jewelry #imsofancy #motherhood

Saturday night was our school's annual Gala and Silent Auction.

We started with the obligatory photos:

We were surrounded by people we know and love, while dressed to "the nine's" (see my gorgeous Kate Spade earrings, a gift from my sister and two best friends!), and enjoying delectable french fare and champagne. This year's theme was Moulin Rouge.

It's a massive production of catering, decor, prizes, and entertainment. It's put on by parents at our school, about 40 volunteers total. It's like planning a wedding reception for 300 people.

To say we had a blast wouldn't begin to adequately describe how much fun we had!

We danced for hours.

We "whooped" and hollered as those around us bid, outbid and eventually won the art made by their child and he/her classmates (including us, we won Emily's art this year!) - there was a real energy in the room as nearly $80,000 was raised for our PTA.

The best part of the night for me?

In a 30 ticket raffle, of which I purchased five tickets at $30 each, I won diamond stud earrings valued at nearly $1,200.00.

I'll always treasure them and can't wait to hand them down to Emily one day when she's grown.


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