Backyard fun: we have baby California Towhees again this year! #parenting #familyfun #kids

Talk about an exciting day: Nolan and I discovered we have another nest in our lemon tree today!

Do you see that?!?


We are fairly certain it's the same species of bird that laid eggs in this tree last year - thanks to Emily's National Geographic Kids Birds of North America Book we know they are California Towhees!

They have a really high-pitched chirp that gets louder as you get close to their nest. They also get physically closer to you, dive-bombing you in an effort to drive you away. It's quite comical. :)

I had to climb up on the kids' swings to snap a few pics as the next is about six feet up in the tree. Nolan was helping direct me.

Mom and dad stay very close, sort of popping up out of nowhere when we go into the backyard.

They really hate it when Allie gets outside. Luckily for them, she just lounges in the grass the whole time.

They also don't seem threatened by Nolan when he plays right underneath the tree - maybe it's just me...

We can't wait to see them hatch and use our backyard as their training ground when learning to fly. Last year was such a treat! Stay tuned :)


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