#Christmas 2014 - the year of the guitar, the marble run, and the wubble-bubble ball #kids #parenting

Christmas was positively magical this year because the kids truly understood the magic that it is.

Gram and Aunt Jenny flew out to us again this year. We spent five days wrapping, laughing, assembling, and eating.

The best part of Christmas is when the kids come flying down the stairs to see what Santa left for them. In his footie PJs, Nolan nearly slipped as he flew around the baby gate into the living room!

Emily dove for the blue Macaw, something she has pinned over in Toys R Us for months!

Nolan immediately tore into his "blue rock 'n roll guitar".

We take our time on Christmas morning, letting the kids open all their gifts from us and Santa while we sit back and take in their joy. Some toy highlights for Emily included a dance ribbon, Lego Friends sets, a sewing kit, and a marble run. Nolan was all about things with wheels this year including a "Mack" from Disney*Pixar's Cars truck that can hold all his little Matchbox cars, a shopping cart, and a Fisher Price Little People race track. He also loved his Bubble Puppy and Guitar.

After we had breakfast and showered, the family pictures began.

But not without some bloopers!

Me, mom, and my sister :)

It's such a blessing, year after year, to be together as a family.


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