Emily: first @bladium soccer class for 8/9yr old #kids #parenting #familyfun

Emily had her first non-competitive soccer skills class at The Bladium on Saturday morning (she goes the hour before Nolan so David takes her and I come later) and to say she loved it would be a gross understatement.

I wasn't there so I had to take David and Gram's word for it but apparently, she had a smile plastered to her face. Sheer joy!

According to David, all their backyard practice shone through on the field: she dribbled the ball well, kept up with all the kids, and she aided in her team scoring two goals! Pretty darn great for a kid that's never played before.

She wore her uniform for the rest of the day and even went shopping with David to get some turf shoes, socks and shin guards. Gram had to force her to remove it all at bed time. ha! She's so excited for her next class and has even talked about wanting to do their skills institute and join a league. She's come so far...


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