{Pics & Video} Both #kids are now enrolled in #bladiumsports Lil Kickers #soccer program and they LOVE it!

Both kids have always played just about every sport imaginable in our backyard with David and I: basketball, football, frisbee (is that a sport?), baseball, golf, tennis, and soccer.

They love the physical activity but, Emily most especially, hate to compete.

So, David suggested I sign them up at The Bladium for the non-competitive Lil Kickers soccer program this Spring season. It's about $200 per kid, which includes a year-long membership to the Bladium for each of them, their uniform, and 12 weeks of class.

Nolan's first class was this last Saturday.

After a few minutes of redirection from the coach, he was engaged and ready to participate. It was beyond cute watching him kick the ball, run around the field, find a spot to sit on, and practice his soccer stops.

He really loved all the running around!

Emily starts next week and is really looking forward to it. We will split up so David takes Emily at 10:30am and I bring Nolan at 11:30am.

Neither of the kids will take off their uniforms.

Emily, enjoying a hot chocolate and some online games while Nolan watches - a typical Saturday morning for us!

It's been three days.  :)


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