Super #familyfun with our Gram at @baykidsmuseum #kids #parenting

We purchased a membership to The Bay Area Discovery Museum recently because I found myself buying their Groupon every chance I got.

We just LOVE it there!

It's a gorgeous, quick 40-minute drive up and around the North Bay into Marin Country and very well laid out for all ages. Nolan almost always heads straight to the playground and Emily to the foam building pit. We meet up later on to visit each exhibit room as the afternoon goes on, ending with another trip to the playground before going home around 4:00pm.

Some exhibits never-change: the train tables, the outdoor foam building pit, the playground - these are the things my kids look forward to trip after trip. It's familiar to them, yet different from the normal things we do week after week.

Some things change every single time we visit: the art projects, the hands-on rooms, the great hall. These are the things that keep us coming back month after month.

We took Gram for the first time ever this last weekend while she was out visiting us.

Other than being a little bit cold (you are ON the Pacific Ocean there!), she loved it!


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