Weekends are all about relaxing... well, that and homework, errands, and laundry :/ #parening #kids #familyfun

Until Nolan is in Preschool and I have some weekday, day time to run errands and get other stuff "done", everything has to wait until the weekend.

And I hate that.

But taking an almost-four year old who's extremely active and very easily bored anywhere other than a place where he can play is an absolute nightmare.


So, I spend the majority of our weekend running all those errands and doing household chores:

  • Grocery store - Costco and Trader Joe's
  • Returns for things we've purchased online
  • Bank - personal and for the PTA and Girl Scouts
  • Target/Home depot/Pagano's hardware - for home supplies, repairs, and pet food
  • Laundry, filling up paper towels and toilet paper, changing bed sheets, reorganizing shoes and backpacks
Lately, we've been working on incorporating more family time (rather than just me splitting off to run all the errands all day long).

The kids both have soccer back-to-back on Saturday mornings and we almost always try to go out to eat afterwards. Going out to restaurants makes Emily's Top 10 list. Probably because we never do it. There's rarely any time on weekends and David isn't home for dinner during the week. Sundays we have a big breakfast together and go to the park or ride bikes at the school or go to the pool, when it's warm.

We hit up a favorite burger joint this weekend before going to our local book store (Emily had a $25 gift card for raising the most money in her grade during the Read-a-thon at her school) and our local toy store. I snuck in some secret purchases for Easter baskets including books and erasers! What is it with elementary school kids and erasers?!?

Lots of silly, HAPPY faces were captured.


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