Riding bikes and scooters and even playing a little basketball #familyfun #kids #parenting

All of a sudden, every weekend here lately has been dreary, cold, cloudy, gloomy, and all those things that make you want to snuggle down in the couch all weekend.

Alas, we have two kids so that's just not happening.

Instead, we bundled up and walked down the street to spend a few hours at the school. We rode bikes and scooters and even played a little basketball.

The helmet Nolan has on is the very first helmet Emily ever owned. It's still beautifully decorated with all those random things she chose at the very first Bike Fair. Nolan loves it and gets complemented on it daily.

If there's one thing Nolan loves more than cars it's balls. Soccer, baseball, football, and most especially basketball. He scores more often than not, which is always surprising as the nets are so high!

Emily took some time to show off some of the skills she's been learning in gymnastics. Lots of flips over the bars and even the nets at the playground today.


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