Shoe-thief: when big sister is away, little brother will play! #kids #littlebrother #boymom #motherhood

Emily was gone all Memorial Day weekend - it was the Girl Scouts' annual Exploree sleep-away camp!

Nolan asked "where's Bappy?" about a dozen times. It was more than clear he noticed she wasn't home.

We didn't want him to become jealous and upset so, we simply said "oh, she's not here right now, she'll be back soon" and that seemed to do it.

While she was gone, he snuck into her room on a number of occasions, to play with her toys, jump on her bed, and even, steal her shoes!

It's not just her shoes he loves. He can be seen stomping around the house any given morning in my rainbows or David's soccer cleats.

He's even tried wearing Gram's high heels a time or two when she's left them outside her suitcase!

Silly boy!


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