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 Instead of her normal weekly homework, which consists of spelling practice, reading, math sheets, and writing about the books she is reading, Emily was asked to complete an animal report and diorama.

She could choose any animal she wanted!

She chose the macaw.

She had to fill out an "all about your animal and it's habitat" interview, which she had to conduct her own research for, turn that interview into a narrative report in written draft form, and then type it all up to be orally presented to her class in two weeks.

She started with the diorama this weekend.

She did all the research and filled out the interview first, which enabled her to create the macaw's habitat complete with rainforest backdrop; snails, insects, nuts and berries food sources; canopy housing; and a variety of friends. She's only missing it's predators which includes humans and monkeys.

She loved this homework assignment, she really got into the creative process of using things from around the house (no buying was encouraged!). It was really great to not hear the all-too-familiar groan accompanying the weekly "ugh, homework?" complaint.

Totally random but I love documenting how my kids look through the years: Here she is in the outfit she was wearing yesterday, Mother's Day.

It was the Pixar "friends and family" screening of Inside Out. She took a friend and really enjoyed the movie! I love those Hanna Andersson Mary Janes but, honestly, they haven't held up well to her playground abuse.


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