Day 18 #pottytraining First day in underwear, no more pull-ups! #kids #motherhood #parenting

Today, Nolan refused to put on a pull-up after getting up for the day.

After waking up and being stripped down, he peed on the potty, as he has for the last couple of weeks and, instead of immediately stepping into a pull-up, he looked at me and said "I want to wear my underwears! I don't want a pull-up!".

I obliged and let him put on underwear instead and we went on about our morning of having breakfast and playing with the toys in the living room while Gram was at work. She does have to work a little bit while we are on vacation. :) He stopped playing and peed and pooped on the toilet all on his own, except he did announce it like this "you stay here mom, I will have privacy" and he would saunter into the bathroom and shut the door. It was all very cute!

Once Gram was home around noon, we had lunch and got in the car to spend the afternoon at a really cool bounce house place we had found the week before. We asked Nolan to try to use the bathroom before getting in the car, which he did, and then we were off.

We spent four hours over snack time at the bounce house!

Nolan was having so much fun, he had to be reminded to stop and use the bathroom twice (he has his own little pee pee dance) and then, he had an accident. He waddled over to me and said "mom, I pee in my underwear and my shorts are all wet".

Too bad for him and his car seat that I didn't pack a bag with a change of clothes. I did have a few pull-ups in my backpack but he refused. Womp womp. I'm still so new at this, I just didn't think about it!

I took his underwear and shorts off and ran them under the hand dryer in the bathroom, which helped enough for him to put them back on and for us to go home. It was about that time.

Once home, Nolan used the bathroom successfully for the rest of the day and declared he didn't want to wear pull-ups anymore. So, they were packed away and it was going to be underwear every day from now on.

I called David to tell him all about it after I got the kids in bed and he said; "See, I told you he would come home potty trained!". And I'm betting he's correct!


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